Intermediate Automotive Accounting

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| Company: Mendenhall Auto Center | Industry:




| Location:

Juneau Alaska 99801-8052

| AutoJobs #34073 | Expiration Date 2017-10-21 |
Mendenhall Auto Center

What's it like to live in Alaska?

Now is your opportunity to find out.

Juneau is literally a tourist's destination. If you enjoy the outdoors, fishing, hunting, skiing, boating, or hiking this could be your dream job.

We are looking for an additional individual for our accounting department.

A minimum of a two year degree or at least 3 years automotive experiance is required.

Compensation DOE. Benefits include 401K, medical, dental, vision, vacation, paid holidays.

Please apply below.

Mendenhall Auto Center
Juneau, AK 99801

Date Posted: 2017-07-05 09:44:16

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