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| AutoJobs #32370 | Expiration Date 2017-10-03 |
Multi-Line Dealership Family owned Multi-line Automotive dealership group located in the heart of the Central Valley seeking an experienced, motivated and talented Service Manager to lead our dealership group to the next level of customer service and financial growth. We are on the cusp of becoming the industry leader in our market and will provide all the tools necessary for your success.  All we need is a team of Successful results driven Managers.
Requires Successful Experience in the following:
  • Dealership Service Dept. Management.
  • Successful customer service and satisfaction track record.
  • Clear understanding of hours/lines per RO, Effective Labor rate, Technician efficiency and productivity and how to measure and track.
  • Team building, coaching, training and leadership skills.
  • Managing factory warranty claim processes, policies and warranty receivable schedules.
  • A working knowledge and understanding in the use of social media for the purposes of marketing and customer recommendations and overall satisfaction.
  • Creating and implementing marketing strategies and promotions for customer retention and retail growth
  • Problem solving
  • Selling skills

If you meet requirements you understand these are just the tip of the iceberg in managing a successful dealership Service Department, which means you may be the star performer we’ve been searching for.
Please apply below with your resume and a paragraph telling us why you’re the best choice for this opportunity.

Multi-Line Dealership
Central Valley of California

Date Posted: 2017-01-26 15:27:20

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