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| Company: EVOD Industries | Industry:



OEM Corporate Aftermarket

| Location:

Escondido California

| AutoJobs #32048 | Expiration Date 2017-02-18 |
EVOD Industries

Solidworks Designer Modeler for aftermarket automotive products company

Responsible for the design and development of automotive products with high aesthetic detail. Individual needs to be able to take a design from initial concept to finished product with minimal supervision. EXTENSIVE SOLIDWORKS AND SURFACE MODELING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED

Duties and Responsibilities:

*Create and develop new product design based on customer request
*Design products with emphasis on aesthetic appeal
*Create 3D CAD models and drawings
*Manage design of multiple projects while maintaining accuracy

Minimum Qualifications:

*Experience in product development or related field
*Experience with design and manufacture of CNC products
*Ability to effectively communicate ideas both verbally and visually
*Ability to specify tolerances and surface finishes

Knowledge of the automotive industry with emphasis on muscle cars past and present is a huge bonus in this job.

We are a small business that has 15 plus years in this industry. We have an emphasis on detail and creativity in our products that sets us apart. We need someone that has great creativity and is an artistic thinker.

If you think you are the right person for this job please email your resume in PDF format along with a cover letter to


2 openings.

Additional Salary Information: Pay based on experience and skill level
Internal Number: 003
About EVOD Industries
One off Design and manufacture of all things automotive.

Date Posted: 2017-01-09 14:22:42

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