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admin, OEM Corporate Aftermarket

| Location:

Forest Lake Minnesota

| AutoJobs #32300 | Expiration Date 2017-03-08 |

Reports to: Editorial Director


Coordinates with: Editorial Director


Job Summary: CarTech, Inc, a leading publisher of how-to automotive titles for the hardcore enthusiast, is looking for freelance acquisitions editors. This position will be responsible for the acquisition and preparation of manuscripts for publication based on the company's subject area and growth goals.


Specific Responsibilities Include:

  1. Identify and qualify potential authors for titles ideas supplied by the Editorial Director
  2. Monitor the development of manuscripts and work with authors to maintain schedules. Maintain a standard of fewer than 325 days between contracting and manuscript acceptance.
  3. Evaluate author outlines, sample chapters, photos, and manuscripts at various stages throughout the writing process. Accept or return with specific instructions on what needs to be fixed or changed.
  4. Work with Editorial Director to determine appropriate cover image and negotiate with author to ensure correct image is provided.
  5. Determine if finished manuscript and photos are acceptable or if they need more work. Negotiate changes and additions with authors.
  6. Perform content/developmental edits and photos edits.
  7. Present finished manuscript and photos to managing editorial department in complete and correct form.
  8. Review edits and layouts. Work with author on changes.

What you don’t have to do:

  1. Details of contracting. You will be given a template of contract and terms and Editorial Director will do the rest.
  2. Copy editing. The only edit you will be responsible for is the content edit, which ensures completeness, photography up to standards and logical flow.
  3. Deal with anyone at CarTech except Editorial Director

Email a cover letter and resume to or fax your cover letter and resume to (651) 277-1203.  Mail  to CarTech, Inc., Attn: Human Resources, 838 Lake St S, Forest Lake, MN 55025

Acquisitions or editorial experience preferred. Knowledge of subject essential.



Telecommuting is allowed.

Additional Salary Information: Pay based on a per project basis
About Car
Founded in 1993 CarTech, Inc has become one of the leading publishers of how-to automotive titles for the hardcore enthusiast. In 1995 CarTech purchased the S-A Design line of books from Larry Schreib and Larry Atherton who had published their first book in 1975 titled, The Chevrolet Racing Engine, by Bill Grumpy Jenkins. This single title gained wide recognition as “the bible” of high performance engine design and assembly.CarTech has continued to expand on this tradition and now has over 100 titles available for the enthusiast, in a wide variety of formats – from print to digital to video. Today, our publishing efforts include our traditional performance “S-A Design” titles along with race histories, biographies of industry icons; in addition to a number series that further assist readers with their projects: Restoration Series for total restorations; Workbench Series for rebuilders; Projects Series for in-depth coverage of major tasks; Pro Series for subjects requiring a more in-depth, technical review

Date Posted: 2017-01-23 17:22:44

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