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| Company: Veracious Products LLC / Honest Speed Shop | Industry:



man, OEM Corporate Aftermarket

| Location:

Columbus Ohio

| AutoJobs #32070 | Expiration Date 2017-02-05 |
Veracious Products LLC / Honest Speed Shop

We are looking for someone to help manage our Performance Parts/ Vehicle sales department.  We have online stores as well as a brick and mortar shop in the Columbus, Ohio area.  We are looking for someone with eCommerce sales/ marketing experience as well as local face to face in store sales/ marketing experience.  The ideal candidate would have a passion for and a knowledge of the performance aftermarket industry.  

Sales/Marketing Experience in eCommerce as well as in a brick and mortar shop.   


Additional Salary Information: Salary based on experience as well as commission/ bonuses based on performance.
About Veracious Products LLC / Honest Speed Shop
Honest Speed Shop was founded in 1999 when we began retailing high performance parts and accessories through online marketplaces. We expanded our growing business by opening a retail location in Columbus, Ohio. We have become one of the most trusted names in the Automotive Performance Parts Business. We have expert mechanics on staff to provide you with the knowledge and understanding required to make smart decisions about your performance vehicle needs. Our business is built around developing a trusting relationship with all of our customers so that every single person who walks through our door or orders from us online will know we have their best interest in mind. We are a community of car enthusiasts that enjoy meeting new people, talking about project cars, and helping others build their dream vehicles. We are in this great industry because we love it and we love what we do.

Date Posted: 2017-01-09 14:22:42

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