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OEM Corporate Aftermarket

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| AutoJobs #32262 | Expiration Date 2017-03-03 |
Gear Aid Inc

Gear Aid Inc is a manufacture of High Quality Lights, Power Chargers & Mounts for Automotive, Power Sports and Adventure.  We make Gear to Aid your adventures in the Outdoors. We are in search of Independent Sales Representatives that currently sell and have relationships with the retail market; to include Jobbers, Online and Big Box., etc...

www.GearAid.Com Target Markets:

Automotive, Motorsports, Power Sports, Specialty Auto, Big Box, Online Dealers

Sales Opportunity Description:

Basic Function 
Responsible for supporting sales goals through professional sales techniques and good customer service, maintaining quality relations with accounts, and providing sales, training and marketing coverage. 
1. Develop maximum sales potential through competitive sales techniques and knowledge of the company's products and services as well as the competition's strengths/weaknesses. 
2. Build and maintain quality relations with accounts, and increase account base and volume of sales on a consistent basis. 
3. Reevaluate work on an ongoing basis to increase market share. 
4. Assess quality of offerings and develop opinion reports on strategies to increase market share. 
5. Stay abreast of market conditions regarding products, product updates, service offerings and new technologies. 
6. Consistently review account activity, outstanding proposals, proposals secured and proposals lost for feedback. 
7. Apply knowledge of products and services and demonstrate benefits and features as needed. 
8. Provide information and/or follow up on customers as requested. 
9. Prepare written proposals to include quotes and assessments of client needs.

10. Attend trade shows for customer or mfg. as required. 

Have established relationships and account base within described Industries and business model to excel in the job description as listed above.

About Gear Aid Inc
For over 30 years, we've made gear better, adventures bigger, and the outside yours. Outside is where the best memories are made. Moments worth saving because you had the right tools, the best of friends, and the heart to see it through. Whether it’s sharing stories around the campfire, reeling in a trophy bass, charging a fresh powder field, exploring national parks, or throwing a backyard party, GEAR AID can help make it great.These moments are what drive us to make reliable products that go the distance: glue that outlasts your boots, patches that never peel away, water repellents that work, and portable electronics that give you light and power for days.If your life looks anything like ours, GEAR AID is in your pack—so that whatever’s ahead of you, you can own it and make outside yours.We are looking to partner with dynamic Power Sport / Off Road / Automotive Independent Sales Representatives throughout the country. We look forward to speaking to you.

Date Posted: 2017-01-18 17:22:39

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