Car Sales Jobs

Multiple Car Sales Careers in the Sales Department

Car Sales Jobs
Car Sales Jobs

The automotive industry offers multiple department car sales careers opportunities. Each function requires minimum training for entry level. Of course, if you have experience already in one of the sales positions, you have an advantage with what to expect in the position. We will take this opportunity to explain some of the departments and the actual job responsibilities for each of the positions to clarify the difference of each position. These positions are very common in todays Auto Sales departments.

Auto Sales (Floor position) – Basic Responsibilities

  • Approach, greet, and help or direction to any customer who enters the dealership showroom or sales lot.
  • Determine the vehicle needs for the customer and assist in selecting a vehicle that fits their requirements while remaining within the customers budget. Ask qualifying questions and listening carefully to the customers responses.
  • Explain fully the product performance, application and benefits to the customer.
  • Describes all optional equipment available for customer purchase.
  • Offers test drives to all customers. Follows dealership procedure to perform the demo test drive.

Internet Sales Representative  – Basic Responsibilities

  • The key role of the internet sales representative is to handle all leads generated by email, website, and Lead Generating Outside companies.
  • Communicates directly with Internet customers and prospects according to their preferred method of communication, whether by phone, by email or in person.
  • Satisfies the transportation needs of Internet-generated customers.
  • Directs customers to product information resources, including those available on the Internet and information generated by the dealership.
  • Be able understand the psychology of an Internet customer and work with them accordingly to draw them into the store for proper vehicle demonstration and to close the transaction.
  • Checks email frequently and responds to inquiries immediately. Deliver messages intended for other departments promptly (Service, Parts, Management, or Administration/Office). Notify customers that their message has been forwarded to the appropriate personnel for prompt attention.
  • Handle all Internet sales inquiries professionally and personally.

Business Development Center Representative (BDC Rep) – Basic Responsibilities

  • The purpose of the BDC Rep is to work with all customers calling into the dealership with problems, issues, follow-up, Customer Satisfaction, related to all departments within the dealership.
  • Communication is extremely important in a sales department as it contributes to team-building with all other dealership departments.
  • Answers all inbound profit center calls – sales, service, parts and body shop. Direct those calls to department managers or persons pre-determined for the type of inbound call.
  • Generate new business into the showroom – Makes outbound prospecting calls inviting prospects to the dealership.
  • CSI follow-up calls. Follow-up with previous day/week purchases for satisfaction of purchase. Work through any problems or concerns brought up by customers during these follow-up calls. Note and alert Sales Department of what was discussed and how the issue was handled over the phone.
  • Assist Sales Department with Missed Appointments – Contact all no-show demo customers to reschedule missed appointments.
  • Advises customers on special-order parts status, appointment reminders, and recall campaigns.

Showroom Greeter – Basic Responsibilities

  • The Showroom Greeter is the front-line representative for the dealership. Greets customers as they enter the showroom, answers basic inquiries, and directs them to the appropriate party.
  • When greeting customers determine the nature of their visit and direct customers to the appropriate channel to expedite their visit to make it a great experience.
  • Obtains appropriate information about each customer, utilizing the dealership sales control system.
  • Answers basic customer inquiries. Refer more extensive inquiries to the appropriate person.
  • Serve also as telephone back-up when needed on high call days.

All of these positions require knowledge of all dealership products sold. All positions attend Sales Department Sales meetings.

Car Sales Jobs