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If you are searching for a restoration shop to restore your old car or truck, it’s important to choose the right shop for your specific needs. If you want your vehicle restored correctly, then it needs to be worked on by a shop that specializes not only in old car restorations but on the type and brand of car that you own. No one shop can be expected to know everything there is to know about every car ever built. If you own a British sports car, don’t expect a shop specializing in American muscle cars to know how to restore your car and in a timely manner. If they’ve never worked on your type of vehicle before, your car may be the experimental vehicle they are looking to learn on.

However, there are a few select shops that have been in business for many decades working on all different types of cars because they have the right staff. Tristate Restoration with the proper knowledge and experience that allows them to do so. Never go to a local garage or body shop, because they simply do not have the skill or knowledge necessary for restoration work. Restoration shops are not body shops, and body shops are not restoration shops. Dealing with non-specialists will result in higher restoration costs, because they take longer to do things due to their unfamiliarity with the car. When you are being charged by the hour, every minute counts. Like any business that relies solely on a skilled work force to produce a finished product, a restoration business is very difficult to run, due to the extensive use of hand labor. By understanding the numerous problems that a shop proprietor has to deal with, you will be able to comprehend why he has to perform certain tasks, charge for each of those tasks accordingly and expect you to make payments promptly.

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