Testimonial from job seeker on LinkedIn

You know it was your site that lead me to the job that lead me to the job as controller. So thank you for changing my life!

I couldn’t break through as a controller, I kept trying!! Finally happened!

So, thanks!!!!


Please discontinue my profile ad at your site (Positions Wanted) – I have been contacted by an employer and no longer require the ad to be listed. I did, however, find it an extremely useful tool in my search for an upgraded position in my career. I will continue to look in (from time to time) on your ads, as I have bookmarked the site. Thank you ever so much.


Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your interactive ads. You guys are GREAT!


Thanks for the help. Thanks to you guys, I found just the right place. Thanks again!


This service has been of great benefit and assistance to me, and I’m certain to countless others as well. You should be proud of the excellent job which you have done with respect to the quality of this service… Specifically, your service made it considerably easier for me to locate the job which I just recently accepted.


Thank you for the notice of expiration of my ad. I will not be extending my ad at this time; however, if the things I have working do not pan out I will put a new ad online again. I have received over 30 inquiries from my ad and am currently still working on 3. I have received inquiries from as far away as Hawaii and as close as 2 miles from my home. Your service is great and I will recommend it to anyone.


Good Morning! I just wanted to drop a line and say hello. In March of 98 I found the job and dealership I had always hoped possible. Today I find myself the General Manager of the Dealership since Jan 1 of 99 and very very happy. I was thinking of your website so I thought I would jump in and see the most recent updates, very impressive.


In the spring of this year I decided I was going to give the internet a try in finding several managers. We were looking for a Parts & Service Director, Parts Manager and were considering going on teams in the sales department and needed some team leaders. I contacted Steve Brown (Auto Jobs Bulletin Board at AUTOjobs.com), placed an ad for Parts & Service Director and/or Parts Manager. I was amazed at the results. We had a lot of very well qualified applicants from as far away as Florida and even from Canada. It really works. We hired three key people after doing about twenty-five interviews. We also ended up hiring 5 experienced professional sales people who thought they could grow into team leaders. Give AUTOjobs.com a try. I did and I’m very happy with the results he delivered.

Russ Dean President : Russ Dean Ford

We were in need of an Internet Sales Manager to boost our sales in a lack luster department. We tried listing ads in a few major newspapers in the Western United States without any success. AUTOjobs.com suggested we list an ad on the internet at their web site. Within 14 days we had 10 qualified candidates. Any of the 10 could have been hired. We are very pleased with the results and see AUTOjobs.com as a great resource for dealerships across the country.

John Grant Owner/General Manager : Avondale C-P-D-J-E

We found our Service Director from the internet. We conducted a search on the internet and viewed AUTOjobs.com’s candidates seeking employment (“Position Wanted”). We made contact with a couple of service experienced candidates and hired the one. I would highly recommend other Toyota dealers to take advantage of AUTOjobs.com. There is no fee to hire personnel from the internet. We have recently listed a 6 month ad for technicians and anticipating the same results.

Herbert Jones, Jr. General Manager : Jones Toyota Volvo

We have filled the position and will not need the ad to continue. We got an excellent response from your site and will use your company again when the situation arises. Thanks for the help.

Jim Parker AutoNation U.S.A.

Hope this finds all going well for you. I wanted to drop a short note asking that you pull the service manager ad off of the web site. We have hired a service manager that contacted us as a result of the AUTOjobs.com listing. The response has been phenomenal and we had a good pool of candidates to talk to. As always I am extremely happy with the results that were provided. Dollar for dollar this is the best media value for recruiting that we use and also has provided the best results the last several years.

Michael Davis The Faricy Boys Chrysler Plymouth Jeep

Please cancel our ad for a GSM as the position has been filled. As always, the extra effort you go to has worked again …

John Centner Steamboat Motors

Thanks to you I did find an excellent Used Car Manager applicant, which I hired this past Monday. I will definitely refer to you in the future when I need another position filled.

Rick McGilvray McGilvray Ford

Thanks for the service. I received a call on the ad at about 1:45 yesterday afternoon. I did a phone interview with him for 45 minutes and he is an excellent prospect. Very grateful for your site and service. Best $200.00 I’ve ever spent on Help Wanted!!

Mike Carey Service Manager : Greiner Ford

Thank you for the opportunity to list my job skills with your service. The responses were great. I have accepted a position in California, and begin in 2 weeks so please withdraw my profile information. Thanks again.

Elgin Technician

Thanks, for the great website. I am tech number 42459, I have had many responses to my resume. I will be relocating to the Denver area for employment thanks to you. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

Robert J.

The ad placement was successful! We have hired a new Controller for our Pontiac store. He had replied to our AUTOjobs.com listing. Please remove the ad.

Randy Helgason David McDavid Auto Group

Outstanding response, definitely use me as a reference. Will not re-run ad until next year.

Glen Crawford President : AutoMax

As a fixed operations director the on going needs for personnel in today’s market place are much more demanding than ever before. You can not use conventional ads in the paper and expect results as in past years. In the millennium, it becomes necessary to think out of the box, look to the future of commerce and keep a continuous method in which to search for candidates. I have found several key personnel placements as result of autojobs.com, moreover as inexpensive as it is to remain a constant vehicle for long stints of time, I can not imagine that anyone would not take advantage of such sites. Broaden your horizons folks, make use of every source made available for continuous growth, or shut your doors give up and sell me your store.

Mark Ellison Fort Mill Dodge Chrysler Jeep

I just wanted to give a BIG THANKS to AUTOjobs.com. I have just recently been hired by a company advertising on AUTOjobs.com. I have used many websites and other search sources in finding employment in the automotive industry. AUTOjobs.com, by far, is the BEST source for an automotive professional to use in finding employment in the automotive industry. AUTOjobs.com will be the only site I recommend to those looking for a new job or to relocate anywhere in the country. Keep up the great work!!!! and many thanks.

Richard G.

Just to let you know, I posted my resume and the next day received a call from a Dealership in my area and was subsequently hired. Thank you for the exposure.

William A.

After two months with Monster and Career Builder with no results, not even one interview, I found an instructor’s job at “UTI”. I received a phone call the same day I emailed my resume. This is the Friday of the same week, after three interviews this week, I start teaching this coming Monday.

Thank you very much for an exemplary service.

Chuck P.